Monday, August 22, 2011

We survivied our first week!!!

Just getting started...

Having fun!

Build, build, build!

Get Busy....

Making Friends!

Jack Hartmann Songs

Tooty Ta

Thumbs Up!!


Go Guys!!

These are the David's we made! So Cute!!

We are Peacemaker's

We will be peacemakers. Our number one rule is KINDNESS.

This is the Chester we made to go with our Kissing Hand story. 
Thank you all for a great first week. We learned a lot already. We learned how to be peacemakers. This is something we will learn all year. You were all so patient will early dismissal. Thanks again for that! We are gearing up for our first full week. I am so excited to learn about all the colors and will post more pics soon. We are going to have a great year!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Up and Running!

Well I have my beautiful blog up and running thanks to my bestie Jamie from Mrs. Mayas' Kinders. I am going to use this blog to post the great things we are doing this year in kindergarten. It will be lots of fun. So stick around and check it all out!

My Classroom!!

My Word Wall. A lot of special work goes here.

My rug area. This is the view when you walk in the door.

View of tables from the door.

My rug area, View of Promethean board.

My literacy and math board. The baskets underneath is how I organize all centers.

The word wall. It looks a little different now. I will post a newer pic soon.

The writing center. It is right below my word wall. It works well like this.

Computer Center. Also the shelf allows storage underneath.

Poetry chain. Kinder by Kim:) I love her!

This is my small group.teacher table. Check out the buckets!!! Thanks Jamie and Julie for the idea. Thanks most to my sweet, precious husband for the hard work he put into them.

Art Center. I display the example on the empty bulletin board.

This is the reading center.This is the favorite center for every child.

Another view of the small group area.