Monday, March 5, 2012

Transportation Fun! With a Little Extra Fun (As Always)!!

Hey Guys! We have had so much fun and learning going on. We celebrated Dr. Seuss birthday,had daddy days, and are learning about Transportation! As always we are very busy. My kiddos are so smart and learning all the time, I love this time of year. Check out some of the pics below and see all the fun!
Our Daddy Day Present
You can find this in my TpT Transportation Unit

Our Mural!
Special Visitors for Daddy Days

Green Eggs and Ham!
Another Special Guest

Will it Sink or Float?

Hat Day for Dr Seuss Week

This is MY Minnie Mouse for Character Day

This is my baby(on the right) with his best friend and their first Technology Competition!

These and the following pics are all in my Transportation Unit! Oh so much FUN

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  1. I love your mural! I want to start doing one for each unit in my class... I just need to figure out a good way to manage it! Thank you for sharing!