Thursday, September 8, 2011

Color Day Fun!!!!

Sorry it has been so long! (Internet problems at the house) We have been learning all about colors using our Brown Bear story. We have had so much fun and got a lot done!!! I am so proud of my kindergartners catching on so fast! I can't wait for everything we will do together this year:)
Some of our first tries with math baskets.

Rectangle Math Basket.

What a Peacemaker!

Our Circle math basket.

We watched the story of Chrysanthemum and then she came to see us!!!

We finished up the week with rainbows. This is our Rainbow Hair!

We also made rainbow names.

After our fun with brown bear we sorted the m&ms with the brown bear characters.

The kids loved it. They couldn't wait to eat their work!!!!

These are our shape monsters! We made a glyph and analyzed the data.

Here are the conclusions of our data. We had a great week!!

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  1. LOVE the Brown Bear M&M sort!
    You mentioned Chicka Chicka week... any pictures of that? I do a Chicka Chicka day, but would love to see your ideas for the entire week!