Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas in Dixie(Well Big Spring Lake)!

We had so much fun in December. I had so much fun celebrating our Savior's birth at school and at home. I wanted to share some pics of things we did. These are just fun pics. For the new year I am going to be better about sharing some of the things the kids are working on in centers. I just forget to get those pics. Hope you enjoy!!!

Getting ready to see Santa ahhh!!!

Oops he lost an arm

Our reindeer ornament

Mr. Bonk! He got into some trouble while he visited

Polar Express Day

This was just a little part of our Storytelling Festival. Our librarian Ms. Millwood does such a good job with getting it together.

Our principal read The Night Before Christmas to the WHOLE school!

Then we got a visit from Santa

He ROCKED it out. He danced and danced it was so funny!!

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  1. Love the reindeer ornament. Hand print crafts are so adorable!