Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snowy Fun!

We had so much fun last week. We got a lot done including DIBELS woo hoo!!! All the kids did GREAT. We also have a student teacher in the classroom, her name is Mrs. Parker. I am so excited she is here. She has helped so much already and I hope she learns alot:) I took several pictures this week and I hope you enjoy!!!

I loved this! We are working on last names and the kids loved it!!


These are just a few of the things we did this week. We are learning like crazy! I can't believe how much the kids are learning. 

I have an awesome freebie coming! I am having a problem with scribd as soon as it is fixed it will be on here!:)


  1. Did you dye cut the snowballs for the kiddos, or have them cut them out by themselves?