Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well I am still Alive.....

I hope all of you have been able to stay as busy as I have, but also enjoy it as much! We have worked played ball, taken gymnastics, and gone to the beach! Six Flags is next! I have had a great Summer so far. We still have a little time left. My room is ready so that is a reminder that it is almost over. I will post pics next week of the complete finished room. We had a great NEAECC yesterday at Big Spring Lake Kindergarten School! Kim Adsit. was there. It was really good. She was very funny. Got some good ideas from others too! It pumped me up and got me ready to get my class roll on Monday:) I can't wait! Check out the pics of our fun times so far this summer we have had a blast!
Get Him Girl!!!!

Those rainbow socks crack me up

Too Handsome

St. George Island Lighthouse

We fished in the Ocean all week

She thinks she is older than she is:)

Too Sweet

My Babies!

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